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About Us


With over 15 years of experience in the catering and retail industry, Hi Trading Ltd. has developed a reputation of top quality food products, a strict and straightforward delivery service, and a very responsive team to cater to all of your company’s needs.

Hi Trading Ltd. was started by Henry Pullicino in 2008 as an efficient food product service that can be relied on to deliver. With his previous experience in the industry and his know-how of the European food market, Henry hopes to raise the level of service for the catering and retail industries through reliability and a top line of great food products, specifically chosen for Malta due to their quality and taste.

Whether you have a catering business or a retail company in the food industry, Hi Trading Ltd. can help you obtain specific products from well-known brands and regions. With multiple sales representatives and deliverymen, and next day service and delivery, working with Hi Trading Ltd. is working with quality.